The Huntersville Sprint Triathlon was this past Sunday, April 27th and one of our trainers, Alex Reynolds, was participating. The 2013 Huntersville Sprint Tri was his first and he encountered a few issues; slow transitions and a crash on the bike course.

Alex on bike course

I remember Alex saying how much fun he had and he seemed to have caught the “Tri Bug”. For those of you who don’t know Alex, he is a big guy. A former strong man competitor and all around big guy. He is definitely one of those guys you want on your side when a brawl goes down.  He raced in the Clydesdale division and finished around 27 minutes behind the winner of his division. Even with the crash, I remember him saying that he had fun.

Let me take a step back. Alex and I rode our bikes home from Precision once last summer. He had his commuter bike with him and when he got rolling, I had a hard time staying with him due to his massive legs pushing the pedals with ease. I am sure it was quite a sight as little old me trying to hang onto Alex’s wheel that day. I am probably a little more than half the size of Alex and I was flying trying to keep up with him. The only time I got him was on the hills. I was able to pull away from him.

Once Precision moved into our new place and we had the performance lab with the Computrainers up and running Alex’s training kicked up a notch.  He was really pushing himself…hard! He was swimming a few days a week and running the trails as well.  He has been riding Brushy Mountain just about every weekend in preparation for the Beech Mountain Metric, which is in a few weeks.

This past Monday, I asked how Alex did and he won his division, was 5th overall in his age group and was 49th Overall! His performance was 20 minutes better than last year! Holy crap! So I looked up his results from the previous year to compare them:


Swim                     Bike                       Run                        Total (including transitions):

2013:                     13:42                     45:17                     27:38                     1:35:20 (299th overall)

2014                       9:15                       38:06                     25:15                     1:15:45 (49th overall)

Difference:         4:27(32%)            7:11(16%)            2:23(8%)


The results speak for themselves. For Alex to get these amazing results, he had a training plan that he stayed with and I am sure he made some adjustments along the way, but overall he didn’t decide to train hard instead of taking a planned rest/recovery day. He planned his work and worked his plan.

So, next time you see Alex, congratulate him on his accomplishment. I can’t wait to hear how the Beech Mountain Metric goes for him….


Dave Radin, CSCS