Today we have a guest post written by one of our many awesome clients. Enjoy!

About five years ago I attended a performance driving school for a few days.  I was so nervous and excited in the beginning because I wanted to do well.  They have world-class driving instructors with years of experience behind the wheel, so I listened intently before we hit the track.  There was much information to take in, but there were two points they wanted us to remember:  Listen to their instructions on the two-way radio, and trust the car.

I owned the make of car we were driving so I knew they were awesome cars, but we were driving other models with the stability control off.  Also they weren’t my cars, so that made me nervous.  They kept telling us they wouldn’t let anything happen to us, to trust the car and to trust them.  After I relaxed, focused, and genuinely believed them, I wasn’t as nervous and I could have some fun.

At about my six-month mark working with Verun at Precision Fitness, it suddenly dawned on me how similar my personal trainer and driving instructor experiences were.  I had to trust my instructors, and similarly I had to trust my trainer to pull from his experience and education to keep me safe and teach me to perform at my highest level.

If I have questions about anything we are doing, of course he will answer them, but most of the time I just do what he asks.  I trust that he won’t lead me down a path of injury or failure.

One day he asked, “How do you focus so well when you are here training?”  I said, “I just listen to your voice and do what you say”!  I think that made his day.

I believe that while you have to listen to your body and speak up if something is wrong, trusting your trainer goes a long way to achieving your goals.

Guest post written by current Precision Fitness client, Emily D.