Summer is here, school is out and chances are your schedule has changed since your kid(s) are home for the summer. For some, your child is in daycare, but the responsibilities in the morning and when you get home are still there. Then comes the day to day job responsibilities where appointments, meetings, calls etc..Making time for you can become incredibly difficult. Here is a couple of tips.

1. Make an appointment on your calender! With all the appointments (meetings, calls, appointments etc..) Make an appointment for a workout.  If you can do an hour, awesome! Some may only be able to squeeze 20 minutes in.  Put it on the calendar and do something for that time.  Go for a walk or a run or better yet sprint! Do a mobility circuit, a barbell &or KB &or TRX &or Dumbell complex.  Do a full workout, warmup activation, strength, conditioning.

2. Take your conference call or meeting for a walk.  If you can do this and don’t need a laptop in front of you, and or have a meeting with one person, go for a walk while on your call.  It will get you out of the office environment and into the sunshine.  The benefits of going for a walk are tremendous. Check into this post if you want to read more.

3.  Be efficient! If time is of the essence then your workout needs to be as efficient as possible.  We have espoused sprinting on this blog on many occasions.  But there may be no better way of praising sprinting then in its efficiency!  A recent study found that two minutes of sprinting resulted in the same 24 hour oxygen consumption (a marker of post-exercise metabolism) as 30 minutes of steady state endurance training.  Sprinting takes many forms (not just on a track) bike, pool, on your feet going up a hill etc..

4 Be consistent! If you have it on the calender, accomplish that training/ workout just like any other appointment.  If you miss a day, its not the end of the world.  You miss a couple, then it can spiral out of control.  Be consistent and results will come.

Mark Seibert