“Your goal is to keep the goal the goal”

When you start a health and fitness program you are motivated and set to achieve some measurable goals. Some more short-term oriented and some long term oriented. An example of this is: Motivation, I want to be able to get down on the floor and play with my grand kids and not hurt going down rolling around, and hurt as I come back up. Short term goal, I want to feel better, become more stable and mobile so I can squat down, roll around, and lunge back up from the floor. Long term goal, I want to lose 25 lbs and 6% body fat and get leaner and more muscular. Now the hard part comes, you have been trying to get moving, eating right, stretching, going for walks, but its become increasingly difficult to keep doing it day in and day out.  So you find us at Precision Fitness and your looking for ACCOUNTABILITY! As experts in the field, we can help you feel better, become more stable, and mobile in the short term. Then we can help you lose weight & body fat and put on lean muscle. You are more likely to stick to a program when working with a trainer.  You have an appointment set up and he/she is counting on you making it.

In order to do that you must stick to the program and see it through.  How long? generally 3 months is a good starting point. Show up (don’t miss training sessions) work hard but work smart, do the little things at home- mobility prep and eat lots of vegetables and quality protein, get enough sleep to recover.

1.  ACCOUNTABILITY!– Seeing a program in its entirety is the only way to know if the program worked.  Plus you will have noticeable improvements along the way.  Strength numbers will go up, body fat numbers will go down, performance numbers will have improved.  Find a trainer, Precision Fitness has many great ones (I know shameless plug!) If that is not in the cards, join a small group. Tell a friend or family member about your goals.

2. Gives you something to reflect back on. Say you have completed a 3 month program and your goal was fat loss.  When those 3 months are up, you can look back and reflect on how you did.  Were you 85-90% compliant  with your diet, exercise plan, recovery methods? What if you could have done anything different or what worked really well? Take what you learned and worked for you and chances are you will apply those going forward.

3.  Share experiences with others.  Tell friends and family how the program worked for you and maybe they will follow suit.  A lot of times friends and family will notice how your body has changed after a training program.

4. Reward yourself- Buy a new outfit, bathing suit, go to a nice dinner and eat something that you wouldn’t normally eat.

5. Challenge yourself- fitness is an ongoing process. Use your new found success from the previous program to accomplish new tasks, pick up new hobbies or sports, or simply continue to advance the previous goals beyond limits you had considered out of reach.

Mark Seibert