This weeks top 5 reasons, is on sled training.  Many thanks go out to one of our own personal trainers RJ who purchased the sled for us to use at Precision Fitness.  As you learn below, anybody can perform sled training!

1.  Low learning curve- Exercises that have a low learning curve and create a big time bang for your buck from a training standpoint make it the #1 reason on this list.  Its pretty simple, put your hands on the beams (wherever you want) and push. Its that simple, no need to complicate things!!

2. Eccentric Less Movement- Movements that are eccentric less are great for people who are in season or used as a recovery session. This effect increases work capacity and builds muscle without breaking a client with eccentric heavy movements.  Its also great as a recovery session.  For those who loathe traditional cardio methods (jogging, cycling, swimming, elliptical etc..) Pushing and pulling a sled can increase blood flow, flush out lactic acid, and enhance recovery all while building muscle and work capacity at the same time.

3. Proper position for acceleration- Forward lean, triple extension of the foot, knee and hip with an emphasis on horizontal force production= SPRINTING mechanics. Pushing a sled forces a good position for acceleration, and it engrains the running form for acceleration

4.  Metabolic resistance training- As noted numerous times in other blog posts, if your goal is fat loss/ weight loss pushing a sled, pulling a sled is hard work, and hard work is (albeit smart work) is great for fat loss/weight loss.

5.  Versatility- You can grab the bar at different heights, push, pull, drag laterally, drag backwards, attach a rope and pull it. If you have any upper body injury you can simply lean your shoulders into the sled and drive through your legs.

Mark Seibert