My neighbor asked the other day, you work in a gym yet you have a gym in your garage? I chuckled and then proceeded to tell him that I have to leave work to work out!  I cannot get enough focus, for my workout, with impending emails, clients and or or co-workers coming up to chat.  So I made an investment for my wife and son, and myself. Half squat stand, barbell, bumper plates, dumbbells, kettelbells, bands.  I can put on my music, drop the barbell, walk inside for a drink, food, start to prep dinner during rest breaks, there are no rules!  Men need a man room, one where they can tinker with tools, watch tv, hang sports memorabilia etc..  My man room is filled with steel and bumper plates, and its a place I go to everyday to train or just do a little something.  This post is not about you building a garage gym…. I do however recommend having one piece of equipment at home.  The piece of equipment can vary from individual to individual, but in my opinion should be a tool that has the versatility to complete a multitude of movements variations. Note: a treadmill wont be on the list. If you like to run, hit the pavement and be outdoors. Most peoples treadmills are bought for good intentions but are quickly used to store boxes and or hang clothing.

Without further do, top reasons to have a piece of equipment at home.

1.  Your going to train more often- No EXCUSES! This one is easy, if you have a KB, dumbbell, TRX, Rings, barbell with plates, pull-up bar, bands. Every time you walk past it, you can grab it and do something with it.  “Pay the toll” method, every time you walk by the pull-up bar, you jump up and do a couple of pull-ups. Feeling good, do a max attempt, not feeling so hot, do a couple. You walk by the KB, you swing it 20 times.  TRX straps, you do 10 rows. etc..The more often you do movements the better more efficient you get at them, the stronger you get and if you do a sufficient volume of the exercises, you can build muscle and lose fat (Pullups everyday for 28 days):

2. Versatility- The tools that I named above are versatile pieces of equipment.  With versatility comes the ability to do multiple movements with the same piece of equipment.  Multiple movements with the same piece of equipment means COMPLEXES! Complexes are great for building muscle and losing fat.  Try this one if you have a KB.  Swings, goblet squat, row, press. 8 Reps, 3 sets. Try this one if you have a barbell. Cleans, front squat, overhead press, RDL, bent over row.  6 Reps 3 sets. Rings or straps. Try this upper body complex. Rows, pushups, tricep extensions, bicep curls. 10 reps each, 3 times.

3. Will motivate others- Family members seeing you do a complex with a KB, or jumping up doing a couple of pull-ups will inspire that person to do it.  Especially when your ordering a heavier bell, because the one you had is getting too easy! Having friends over who don’t strength train will be interested in that pull-up bar or KB sitting on the floor. “What do you do with that cannonball thingy?  I swing it 100 times a day, in between calls, and emails. Its a lot of work and you don’t go anywhere!

A little investment can go a long way towards your goals. Let me know if you have a piece I named above, what your favorite complex, or workout is.

Mark Seibert