This past weekend marked the return to Xterra racing for me with Xterra Tsali. I was using this race as a tuneup since I have  a Xterra Regional race in Richmond, VA in 2 weeks and not having raced very much this season, I wanted to accomplish 2 things with the Tsali race:

1. Not reduce training too much so that I would be ready for Richmond and 2. Experiment with a different type of taper with this non reduction to see how my body reacts.

Well this is how it went:

This race was a slightly different format with a swim/run/bike…not something I happen to be a big fan of.

The morning of the race, I setup as usual…went for a short run and then got in the water. Finally it was race time. The gun sounded and we were off, I felt pretty good but was working a bit hard and wasn’t feeling very efficient at all. I came out of the water at or near the top 15…not bad but not great(this would be the theme of the race).

I transitioned quickly and was off on the run.  I really started to realize that I was working much too hard to go the pace I was running. A few people came by me on the run and I felt like I just couldn’t go…I did get by a few people also, so the run came out about even.

The last phase was the bike, which wasn’t much better than the swim or run. Only 2 people came by me but I felt like I had no power in the legs.

All in all it was a good training race that should setup well for the Regional coming up. As to the higher volume taper, I would say that wasn’t a success.  Live and learn though and nothing ventured, nothing gained. I did learn a lot and ended up 20th overall…again, not bad but not great.

Mike Smith