A few of the trainers (Matt, Josh, Jason, RJ, Mark and occasionally myself) here at Precision Fitness get involved in a weekly challenge that involves strength training.  Our trainers turned the format into a challenge such that the trainer in last place buys coffee. They keep track with a scoring system and at the end of the month, the person with the lowest score buys breakfast. The system works pretty well.

To prevent sandbagging, the person who is second from the bottom gets to choose the following weeks challenge. All of us will choose a challenge that we believe we will do very well in. Here are a few examples of the challenges that have been put together so far:

Challenge #1

20 reps of kettlebell swing with a 60lb kettlebell

2 Clean and Press per side with the 60lb KB

10 Goblet Squats with 60lb KB

20 second TM sprint @ 12.5 mph

3 rounds, fastest time wins..

Challenge #2

Bodyweight Bench Press for Reps

BW Pullups for reps

Half bodyweight overhead press for reps

Half bodyweight barbell curls for reps

Dips with 25lbs vest for reps.

20 reps per exercise is the most you can do. 20 minute time limit.

Highest Rep total is the winner


Challenge #3

25 Pullups

50 Deadlifts with 135lbs

50 Box Jumps

50 Pushups

50 Clean and Press (30lb DB – 25/arm)

50 Floor wipers

25 Pullups

Best time wins challenge

These are just a few of the challenges the guys have been doing.  It has been interesting to watch them do these challenges. I have jumped in a few and have enjoyed them, even though I have gotten my ass handed to me a few times.

I haven’t done as much strength training as I would like because I cycle more, but I have surprised myself in a few of these challenges.

So yes, I did buck up and get coffee for everyone. But I really didn’t mind because these challenges test your strength and push your limits.

Even though they all want to win, they encourage each other.

These weekly challenges work well because they motivate you to do your best. That is all you can ask for in a workout is to give it your best shot. That is what we do here is to try to get the best out of our clients.

Push yourself. Challenge yourself.  Do it in a group setting like our small group training classes or come up with a challenge and put yourself out there on Facebook for all to see. Be accountable to yourself and share your workout and the results. The feedback that your friends provide you might be the kick in the pants you need.


Dave Radin, CSCS