Yesterday was finally a good, no, a great day for a ride before work.  Weather was very low 50’s and getting warmer by the hour.  So I decided to dress for a ride and drop my stuff off at Precision Fitness and hop on my bike and go.

When I got to Precision, I was immediately greeted by, “You look like a superhero, you are just missing your cape!” and ” Spandex Man!”

Nice. I feel invincible now..

Once I got my bike ready, I headed out the door. Earlier that morning I had figured out my route which was basically the Lake Davidson Triathlon route plus the distance to and from Precision Fitness.  Heading up 115 through Davidson, I felt good, ready to hit Presbyterian Road and see how my training would result in me crushing the hill by Coddle Creek Elementary.  As my legs turned the cranks, my heart rate started increasing but I felt great.

For those of you who have done the Lake Davidson Triathlon route, there are two hills that absolutely kill you: Faith Road and Midway Lake.  Faith Road is kind of a two step hill that catches up to you with a little flat spot to quickly catch your breath and then it is right back to the hill. Midway is just a grind till you get back to 115. Last year for the Triathlon, I had trained a few times to get ready for the hills and they absolutely kicked my ass every time. It didn’t help that my bike wasn’t shifting at the time so I was stuck with whatever gear my bike was in.

Yesterday I was able to attack the hills much easier and felt really good about the training I had been doing at Precision Fitness on the Computrainers.

I was able to really push myself back through Davidson in the big ring and my legs were burning but I was able to hold my pace for around 7 minutes. Total mileage: 18.21 in a time of a little over an hour. Average pace of 17.6. Fastest I rode in quite a while. I was very happy with that!

So here is my message:  trust your training. If you aren’t sure if you are going in the right direction, ask a coach for help. Get tested. Knowing what your test results are allows you to fine tune your training program so you can get to where you want to be.  Testing allows you to see where your deficiencies and strength fall and then you can get a program to improve them.  Knowing your numbers is an extremely good thing to allow you to train efficiently. As Sarah Matchett, our awesome cycling and triathlon coach, says, “Data is good! We love data!”

Working hard on the Computrainer has allowed me to enjoy the beauty of riding outdoors. I almost forget how awesome the wind in your face and the fresh air feels, even as I push myself to get up Faith and Midway Lake Road.

Dave Radin