Great Feeling

Scott Adams wins 24-hour snow-ski race By Leah Davis…You read that right- a 24-hour snow skiing race, as in he went and down the mountain at Snowshoe 173 times without stopping….What makes the story even better, though, is that Adams was able to do this only one year after back and neck pain hindered his ability to walk and would have made it virtually impossible for him ski for so many hours in a row. Back then, pain from a traffic accident long ago was a recurring problem. That changed one day, when on recommendation from his chiropractor, Adams sought the services of Precision Fitness, which offers conditioning and rehabilitation services in Cornelius and Mooresville. The professionals there helped Adams strengthen his core, which he believed allowed him to finish the ski marathon. “I really have to give the lions share of the credit to Precision Fitness,” Adams said. “I know I would not be able to do it without them. I walked (or hobbled) in there about a year ago. I couldn’t even work out in the gym anymore because of my back and neck injuries. Now a year later I was able to stay ahead of the 18-year-old kid who was chasing me in the race. That was a great feeling!

- the preceding excerpts were taken from an article published in the April 16 2004 edition of the Lake Norman Times