1. What are you training for: Health, Fitness, or Sport?

    Knowing the difference will determine how your fitness plan is created. We all know that improving our health is vitally important to living a longer, more fulfilling life.  With that being said, is your health and fitness program aligned with the goals you want out of that program? If your goals a…Read More

  2. Healthy Hip Protocol – Part 3

    Strong, mobile, and stable hips are now possible with our hip protocol. The first two series build mobility and stability. The final sequence now uses an advanced stability exercises and strength exercises to complete the sequence. In the first series, we focused on the basic exercises to build mobi…Read More

  3. Working the Plan

    The Huntersville Sprint Triathlon was this past Sunday, April 27th and one of our trainers, Alex Reynolds, was participating. The 2013 Huntersville Sprint Tri was his first and he encountered a few issues; slow transitions and a crash on the bike course. I remember Alex saying how much fun he had an…Read More