Precision Fitness offers area athletes comprehensive sports performance training that is second to none. Since 2001, our Precision Fitness personal trainers have helped raise the game of countless athletes of all levels, from the student athlete to the elite athlete (NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, PBA, PGA, LPGA, USTA, USAT). Our sports performance training provides challenging, individualized workouts designed to prepare all athletes to increase athletic performance and maximize potential regardless of the sport. Our expert coaches and fitness trainers are master motivators dedicated to helping athletes not only reach but exceed their goals.

Services available

  • One-on-one and small group coaching for strength and conditioning.
  • Licensed athletic training services, including injury evaluation and management, instrumentassisted soft tissue therapy, athletic taping, and corrective exercise prescription.
  • Performance testing, including VO2 Max, high-speed video analysis, and body composition services.
  • Team camps, clinics, and coaches camps.

Precision Fitness has teamed up with some of the biggest names in endurance performance and some of the Southeast’s top coaches, trainers, and sports medicine professionals to create The Southeast Endurance Academy. The Academy was established to provide endurance athletes and coaches access to elitelevel performance testing, evaluation, and cuttingedge training and education to deliver the best health and fitness results.

Areas of Focus

  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Muscle balance and stabilization
  • Functional strength training
  • Explosive power
  • Core strength
  • Speed development
  • Acceleration and deceleration techniques
  • Linear and lateral movement mechanics
  • Linear and lateral conditioning
  • Run form and efficiency
  • Performance nutrition
  • Injury reduction
  • Performance Testing – Including VO2 Max & Body Composition

Massage Therapy

At Precision Fitness we offer massage therapy with techniques such as myofascial release, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue techniques, athletic taping, and CORE stones. Massage therapy is extremely helpful for our clients in helping to reduce muscle tension, enhance athletic performance, and help prevent injury. If you are looking for injuryspecific work with muscle therapy or just looking to relax, our highly trained and licensed staff will work with you to meet your needs. View our staff or contactus to learn more.

What folks are saying about our sports performance training.

“I drive a race car at 200mph for three to four hours in 135degree heat with no timeouts. Some people may think that’s not very challenging, but I can assure you that it is very demanding both physically and mentally. So, I try to be in the best shape possible so I can perform at a high level for an extended period of time, and still be at my best in the end when it counts the most. I’ve been working out since college in 2002, I’ve been taking working out seriously since 2006. In the time from 2006 to now, I have worked out with several trainers and attempted to just do it on my own. I have been working with Bill for the past couple years and I can without a doubt say that I am in the best shape ever. Not only am I in better shape but I have less aches and pains. The attention to detail and the emphasis on my body mechanics has helped me tremendously. Precision Fitness is a great place to train and it has become a place I get excited to get up in the morning and go to, because I know I leave stronger and healthier.”

Aric Almirola, NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver #43

When it comes to performance and injury prevention, Precision Fitness is the best around! I first came in five years ago for help with a nagging foot injury. After a thorough evaluation, we got to work. Bill Scibetta and his staff got me back in top form in no time! I’ve been coming to Precision regularly ever since!

Scott Speed, 2015,2016 Red Bull Global RallyCross Champion and Former NASCAR and Formula 1 Driver

“In a former life, I was a worldranked tennis professional. Well, at 65, I decided to see what could be resurrected. After a 15 year layoff, I chose to work towards a goal of playing tennis again and got up with Precision Fitness… Having had two hip replacements added to the challenge, but after three months, I’m playing tennis at a level I didn’t think possible again. With Bill Scibetta’s expert guidance, I have seen my strength and movement come back at a much higher level. More importantly, I see where I will be able to play injury free. I only wish I had the advantage of Precision Fitness’s comprehensive sports performance program during my days on the tour. I am confident it would have helped me play better and avoid the recurring injuries that forced my retirement from competitive tennis.”

Robbie Smith, former world ranked-player and nationally recognized teaching professional.

“Bill is by far the best personal trainer that I have worked with in my 16 years in this sport, and his expertise in the field of corrective exercise and strength training has been a great asset to our athletes. He and his Precision staff are currently working with many of our athletes and have gotten all of them past injuries and back in the sport stronger than ever!”

Leigh-Ann Mueller, two-time 70.3 Ironman World Championship competitor, three-time USAT AllAmerican and Honorable Mention triathlete, and USATcertified triathlon coach and owner of LGM coaching.

“Coming to Precision Fitness was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made… The distance that I gained helped me be more competitive in the college recruiting process.. Now that I am playing golf at ECU, I can really see how my time at Precision Fitness gave me an advantage in my transition to the collegiate level.

Katie Kirk, NCAA Golfer

“The staff and strength program at Precision has made an incredible impact on my son’s strength, performance, and confidence. This is targeted, supervised,  and expertly administered training, a far cry from the unsupervised “weight training 101” class from my high school days. I highly recommended Bill and his team of workout trainers at Precision.”

Clint Gandy