My dad always told me great advice and one of the nuggets he told me time and time again was “whats the worst that can happen” in approaching something I was going to do or trying something new, or doing something I have done over and over again.  Negative thoughts creep into our heads all the time in the case of going to the gym for training, I don’t feel like going, I’m sore, my back hurts, I have something else that I need to do.. or just a fear of the unknown.  Many things can influence our mind when it comes to getting into the gym for a training session.  Depending on external factors like, poor sleep, poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and many other stress related things I wont go into detail in this post.  As these thoughts come into your head and you decide to skip a training session that is where things can spiral out of control. One missed training session, then another, before you know it your ready to quit the entire thing all-together.

My simple advice before you let things get out of hand is to “show up” and think what is the worst that can happen.  Get into the gym and do what I call a “punch the clock workout.”  Do some mobility and some basic activation if your sore, or do the first exercise in the planned workout for the sets and reps and walk out of the door.  You will be  much better off doing something, rather than not doing anything at all.  In the 7 years that I’ve been training clients the people that “show up” are the ones who reach there training goals and seem to have everything else in life dialed in too.

We all have days where we wage an internal battle of wills to drag ourselves to the gym, “show up” punch the clock and get moving and be better off for it!


Mark Seibert