As the new year approaches, many citizens across North Carolina are gearing up to hit the gym and kick their bodies back into butt-kicking shape. From finding a new fitness gym membership to purchasing a lineup of beneficial vitamins and supplements, health seekers will have plenty to do as they begin to transform their fitness regimen and take control of their health. Precision Fitness was started in 2001 to provide the best personal trainer support and sports performance training in Cornelius, striving to deliver optimal outcomes for every individual that walks through our door.

Health and fitness training are what we are here to do, and our certified personal trainers are ready to get to work. One area that has garnered a lot of debate is the best source for nutrition support when working out, whether it be from powder supplements or from a well-rounded diet. Today, we’ll continue our look into the differences between protein powders and high-protein food options. No matter what you choose, our personal training professionals are here and ready to help you gain the most production from your fitness program. Contact us today to learn more!

Protein Supplements

Even if you are new to the world of working out, chances are that you have heard of at least one of the myriad of protein powders available on the market today. Based on your body type and fitness goals, you can find a large array of powdered supplements that are designed to meet your requirements. Protein powders are renowned for their convenience, as fitness gurus can gain all of the essential amino acids needed for healthy body operations in one easy scoop. The versatility of this powder helps as well, delivering nutrition support in the form of delicious smoothies, shakes, in combination with delicious foods, and to stand in place for meals. Fitness fanatics also enjoy the precision of nutrition gained from their powder supplements. Compared to calculating protein for foods, your powder can be measured in one easy step.

While you are gaining all of the amino acids and nitrogen needed for muscle recovery and growth, powders do not supply the full range of nutrients needed to function properly. Opponents to protein supplements point to the price of these powders, as whole foods provide more nutritional support per dollar. Instead of spending top dollar on flashy powders, you can plan ahead and create a full meal plan that may prove much more cost-effective.

Whole-Food Options

Nutritionists point to diet as the main determiner of how much health you can derive from a fitness program. Even if you are hitting the gym regularly, poor nutrition can hamper and may even hurt your results. Proper nutrition derived from a quality diet can provide a plethora of long-term benefits for you, ranging from healthy eating habits to calorie accountability. It can be challenging to learn what all is needed to create a complete nutrition plan, which is why our personal trainers are here to help! Utilizing food for your protein supplement can also be more affordable, as these products are commonly found at grocery stores and can be combined for greater effect.

Individuals who do not have enough freetime will not enjoy relying on food for all of their protein uptake. Comprehensive planning and consistent preparations are needed to ensure a positive outcome, requiring additional time and energy for your efforts. It’s essential to create a well-rounded diet, as any small deficiencies now can add up down the road! Those looking to gain muscle mass will need to eat small amounts of protein consistently throughout the day (every three hours or so) for the best results. When facing this dilemma, many people reach for the protein powder instead.

Finding Professional Nutrition Support

Sports nutrition can be a complex field that is rife with different factors that can ultimately play a large role in your sports nutrition plan. One way to gain the most productive outcome for your fitness efforts is to hire a certified personal trainer for assistance. Precision Fitness is proud to offer top-notch sports performance training in Cornelius, delivering amazing results to our clientele on a daily basis. We understand the intense relationship between proper nutrition and athletic excellence. Our science-based program is tailored to help you feel great while you lose weight and kick your body into top form!

Next time, we’ll deliver the verdict on which protein source is the most beneficial for you. If you’re in need of health and fitness guidance at the highest level, be sure to contact Precision Fitness today!