Nutrition Support

Precision Fitness offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to nutritional education and training. Not only do we focus on sports nutrition, but we also address the social, genetic, physical, and emotional factors that may have negative consequences on your health.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most science-based nutritional counseling to help you sustain a healthy weight and peak physical performance. Our unmatched nutrition support ensures that you’ll be finding good results now and in the long term.

Metabolic Testing

Precision Fitness is one of only a handful of facilities in the region to offer FDA-approved metabolic analysis utilizing the MedGem indirect calorimeter and CardioCoach Co2 metabolic cart. Understanding your unique metabolism and caloric needs provides essential information and allows us to provide exercise prescription and nutritional strategies to best fuel your fitness, wellness, and performance needs.

High-Quality Nutritional Supplements

Unfortunately, in today’s world where high stress is the norm and industrialized food has reduced the nutrient value of even healthy food, a good diet just isn’t enough. Precision Fitness offers top-quality vitamins, antioxidants, essentials fatty acids, meal replacements, and performance nutrition products to help insure optimal wellness and performance. Our sports nutrition team and our products are here to enhance your life.