I read this post from Marks daily apple and it resounded with me.  All of us at times have the mentality to say I will do this tomorrow and fill thoughts in our heads that tomorrow we will wake up and something magically different will change our mindsets.  “The fact is, all days themselves are created equal. Yet, today is the one you have in front of you. It’s the one you have to work with. Tomorrow will actually be “today” in a few hours, and all that magical thinking you imbued it with will vanish. It will – gasp! – feel just like today except you’ll have lost the benefit of the day before. And we will once again be surprised.”

Read more if your interested at http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-to-overcome-the-ill-do-it-tomorrow-instinct/#axzz31Wufq7vU

Mark Seibert