The phrase “knowledge is power” may be one of the most overused combination of words ever created, however in the fitness world , this phrase holds most truth.  Gaining knowledge in any aspect of fitness can have a huge impact on an athlete’s progression. This information can come from several different areas whether it’s nutrition, training, rest, recovery, etc. With that being said, I have found one simple way to gain an intense amount of information and bring my training to the next level.

Competition is not for everyone, but from personal experience, the benefits definitely outweigh the uncertainty. Taking the dive into competition is one of the most rewarding investments I have ever made. Not just the experience of crossing the finish line, stepping on stage, or being on the platform, but the experiences I’ve had along the way.  Making the commitment to any kind of competition is a one of the best ways to maximize your motivation and intensity in your training sessions. Knowing that you are not only financially committed (Registration can be expensive), but you are now mentally committed as well. Being mentally committed to your training makes each session far more superior than the last, the intensity and focus of each training session is the root of all progression. After all, we don’t train the way we do to accomplish nothing. We shed sweat, bust our butts, and give all we have to achieve our goals!

So next time your lacking motivation try some of these competitions/events.

·         Weight Loss Challenge with friends/family/co-workers

·         Whole 30 Challenge-

·         Local 5k/ local Triathlon

·         Power lifting competition- (something I’m currently training for)

·         Personal Records (PR’s) on an exercise, event, race etc…

RJ Giammarinaro

UNCC Intern