As the new year continues on, more and more “diehard” health seekers are dropping out and giving up on their New Year’s Resolutions. The point of this resolution is to inspire you to do better and live better. However, most go-getters that commit to exercising more and losing weight often fail to follow through on their plans. Fitness centers often see a large increase in memberships in January, with nearly a 20-percent jump in attendance. One of the biggest reasons why individuals fail to follow through on their resolutions is because it is challenging to form a new habit. It’s important to remember that changing habits is very difficult, and successfully replacing unhealthy practices requires you to go through several steps for the best outcome.

One way to optimize your chances for success is to seek out professional personal training services. Precision Fitness is proud to staff the best personal trainers for Cornelius residents, providing the support and motivation needed to help you unlock your true potential. Our comprehensive approach to fitness coaching, nutrition education, and sports performance relies on creating a personalized approach to help each individual in North Carolina to crush their goals. We’re here to help you transform your life, and that transformation starts with changing your daily habits. Today, we’ll highlight the basic stages of changing your habits. If you’re in need of a workout trainer that has the training and experience to enhance your life, be sure to reach out to our team today!

Stage One: Contemplation

This initial stage revolves around your formulation of a plan to get started on a new health regimen. Every great transformation starts somewhere, and thinking about and visualizing your fitness goals is a good place to begin. Oftentimes, individuals at this stage will know about the benefits for improving health and energy, yet they are not quite at the starting line. Every person is unique, and some people may face roadblocks that can hamper their progress in making healthy changes. Others may have sought out personal trainers in North Carolina with mixed results. Whether you’re facing health concerns such as high blood pressure and diabetes or you’re simply unable to find the motivation to get off the couch, envisioning your lifestyle change and becoming excited about its benefits is the best way to begin your transformation. Our experienced workout trainers are here to help, delivering motivation along with top-tier solutions for any fitness roadblocks you are facing.

Stage Two: Making Preparations

Once you have determined that getting into shape and taking control of your health is in your future, the next step is to develop a plan of attack. The process of planning is often beneficial for many tasks in life, as “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In this application, taking the time to determine your health goals and the best approach for successfully enacting change will save you pounds of problems! The second stage of starting a healthy habit centers around creating a plan and committing to it. Your plan should account for your interests and dislikes, new changes to implement during your daily routine, and so on. A comprehensive approach is often the best one at this point, as fledgling fitness fanatics can go into detail about all of the minor improvements that, when done on a daily basis, can create huge results.

Once you have decided on a plan of action, be sure to plan out your fitness schedule to help keep you focused and motivated to stick with the program!

Stage Three: Action

The crux for most people, the action stage is where you turn your goals into reality. You have the motivation, and a well laid-out plan, now it is time to get to work. Most individuals will enact all of their lifestyle changes in a short span of time while others slowly incorporate changes as they begin to take action. Your fitness plan will require a full collection of tasks for the best results, including:

  • Dieting. You are what you eat, so be sure to refuel like a winner! Nutrition support is a big piece of the puzzle, so eat up according to recommendations for quality results.
  • Exercise. Working out is one of the best ways to lose weight and sculpt your body to feel great, but only if it is done consistently. Rome was not built in a day, so your workout plan will require a long-term approach.
  • Mindset. Forming a new habit is not just about repetition, it’s also about your mindset. Eating right and exercising will both be for naught if your head isn’t in the game. The action phase consists of putting in the work to make healthful changes, but it also focuses on how your life improves as you feel better and realize the value of those changes being made.

Stage Four: Maintenance

Getting in the habit of eating right and working out can prove to be very beneficial for your health and self image, but only if you stick with the program. Everyone slips once in awhile, yet it’s important to learn from your setbacks and get back into the routine to continue strengthening your new habits. At this stage, many people face the struggle of keeping their routine consistent. You will need to be creative in your fitness approach at this junction, as small changes can help you to keep your routine fresh and engaging.

Getting into shape is far more challenging than simply showing up and lifting weights. It’s essential to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge to zone in for the best results from your hard work. Precision Fitness is here to help! Our personal trainers in Cornelius are here to offer professional guidance to help you take control back over your health. Contact us today to begin forming your healthy new habits!