Strong, mobile, and stable hips are now possible with our hip protocol.

The first two series build mobility and stability. The final sequence now uses an advanced stability exercises and strength exercises to complete the sequence.


In the first series, we focused on the basic exercises to build mobility, stability, and hip activation.  The second series, we expanded to include a few more activation and stability exercises. The third and final series in our Hip Protocol puts it all together by building strength.  If you haven’t read the first two hip protocol series, you can read them here and here.

Our final hip protocol is focus on building stability with an advanced stability exercises, the windmill, and incorporating more traditional strength exercises (Step-ups, Split Squats, Reverse Lunges).

Don’t forget to foam roll and perform the mobility exercises before you begin. Here is the rundown of the program:

  1. SMR – glutes, quads/hip flexors, iliotibial band, and adductors
  2. Mobility – hip flexor/quad, hamstrings, adductors, hip crossover
  3. Standing Hip Hinge
  4. Single Leg Windmill
  5. Step ups
  6. Split Squats
  7. Reverse Lunges

If you have strong hips, you can use these as a warmup progression. One set of each exercise for 6-8 reps. If your hips need some love, 2 sets, 12-15 reps per exercise. These exercises can be done in straight sets or in a circuit fashion.

Here is the video describing the advanced protocol:

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