Healthy Hips are important to your overall health! Learn the second protocol in our three part series.

hips2In the first part of our Hip Protocol, we talked about the importance of having mobile, stable and strong hips.  The process to do that must begin by building stability through the basic exercises such as bridges, hip abductions, and hinging. If you haven’t seen our beginner hip protocol, please click here to read the blog and watch the video before you read this post.

Now that we have built adequate strength and stability, it is time to build upon this with our second protocol, which increases difficulty of the stability exercises and increases the difficulty of the strength exercises.

Here is the video:

The beginning of the protocol is similar to the first with the same exercises for the foam rolling and mobility. The difference is in the strength protocol:

Single Leg Bridges

Band Walks

Wall Glute

Single Leg Cone Taps

Standing Hip Hinge

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