Of the many variations of the lunge, I am convinced that learning the lunge by stepping backward is the easiest. Most of the clients I have coached the reverse  lunge have had little issues with knee alignment versus a walking lunge. This is not to say that a static lunge or walking lunge are bad, because they aren’t. When done correctly, the lunge is a great exercise to build strength for the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.

Here is a simple video on how to do a reverse lunge:

  • Stand tall with your abs braced and your ribs down.
  • Take a step back with your left leg and slowly lower the left knee toward the ground, as you do so, your right knee should be lined up over your ankle (vertical shin).
  • Drive your right heel into the floor and standup.
  • Switch legs and repeat.
  • As you get stronger, increase the resistance by holding onto dumbbells.

You can also use this exercise as a warmup for any leg training or dynamic flexibility by holding the lunged position for a few seconds so you can get a slight stretch in the quads and hip flexors.

Author: Dave Radin, CSCS