This week’s exercise of the week is the loaded carry. The loaded carry fits the bill for a big time “bang for your buck” exercise. Upper body strength, lower body strength, core strength, and metabolic demand can all be accomplished with this exercise. Perhaps the best part is just how simple the exercise is to perform. Pick up something heavy, and hold it while you walk. More or less that’s the general concept. The skill transfer of this lift fits into daily activities such as carrying a bag of groceries, carrying a suitcase, or almost anything heavy you lug around in a day. I like weighted carries at the end of a workout as a finisher simply because the grip strength and metabolic demands can tax other lifts. The two types of weighted carries we’re going to talk about today are the single arm suitcase carry and the trap bar carry.




When performing the single arm suitcase carry be sure to practice good back mechanics while lifting the kettlebell off the ground. Keep the shoulders back and down and as you’re walking keep the abs tight so your shoulders stay level. To begin with pick a weight that you can hold and walk  for a minute and try one minute on one minute off cycles for 3 rounds.


When performing the trap bar carry the same rules of the suitcase carry apply except this one should be a heavier weight as you have both hands and less of a stability concern. Try the same one minute on, one minute off approach to start out with for 3 rounds.  As your fitness level improves and your work capacity improves go longer and heavier.

Carries, if you go heavy enough will challenge the entire body building muscle and will challenge you metabolically which helps keep you lean.

Give them a try!

Jason Allen & Mark Seibert