I wanted to add a quick note about nutrition while endurance training. As with all parts of your training everything should be periodized, from strength to endurance workouts and even nutrition. If you are implementing good strategies, none of these will be the same at any given time in your training. But one point I did want to stress is that more and more I see endurance athletes simply not eating enough. The body needs to recover and in order to do that it not only needs to replace what it lost during training, but it needs a steady stream of good nutrients so that it doesn’t go into “starvation mode”. If this happens the body will think it’s not going to get anymore food for sometime, it then begins holding fat and will even breakdown muscle to sustain itself. That’s right…now all that training is for not.
So what I am trying to say, is eat more often. There are countless more reasons why this is a good thing as an athlete but the bottom line is, your body is in a constant state of stress due to training and it needs food to recover and rebuild.