Exercise of the week: Deadlift Combo

This weeks chosen exercise is a combination of two great exercises that rely on the most basic of all movement patterns, the hip hinge. The two exercises that make up the Deadlift Combo are the Deadlift and the Romanian Deadlift or RDL.

For those of you who are clients either currently or previously, know we teach how to hip hinge and progress to teaching the vast majority of our clients how to deadlift and do RDL’s.  Sometimes we teach  the movement using kettlebells, the trap bar, or a standard barbell. Sometimes we teach it from an elevated position using steps or the squat rack. Either way, everyone is being taught how to hip hinge with the deadlift and/or the RDL.

That being said, the deadlift is the first exercise. Wondering how to do it? Check out the video below:

The second half the exercise is the RDL:

Put the two exercises together and it looks like this:

If you cannot hip hinge properly, you must learn to do so first before you try this exercise. Performing this combination wrong will lead to low back injury at some point and quite possibly very quickly.

Posted by Dave Radin, CSCS

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