From time to time were going to share with you posts that you may have missed or if you just joined are blog recently post that are a good read for the time of year.

1. Jason, Matt, Josh- Traveled to Fort Mill South Carolina to Muscle Driver for an Olympic Weightlifting competition. They watched amateurs and pros compete in the clean and jerk and snatch respectively.  They also picked up a Pendlay women’s bar.  Image

2. As summer approaches people are getting after it in the gym, strength training and doing metabolic resistance training in an effort to lose body fat and look good in (women bathing suits) and (guys with shirts off) This post on Finishers and more importantly metabolic resistance training, and how it is THE BEST METHOD for fat loss PERIOD! Research backs it up as noted in the article.

3. Top reasons to sprint. Piggybacking on the blog above, sprinting is one of the best methods for fat loss.  Can be done in many forms, not just what most people think (track doing 100 meters) EPOC >excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which absorbs calories for hours after high intensity training in order to repair muscles, restore pH, deliver nutrients to muscles, remove metabolic byproducts, and restore O2 levels.  This post exercise burn targets fat stores and can help those people that are trying to maintain mass while cutting down.  Sprinting in short intense bursts turns the body into a fat burning machine, and will get you maximum results in minimal time.

Mark Seibert