1. The Beauty of Essential Oils

    Each year the flu season seems to be getting worse and this year’s flu season is off to a roaring start with 140 total flu death so far this season according to NC Department of Health and Human Services.  If you get the flu vaccine for whatever reason, is there another way to keep yourself healt…Read More

  2. One More Time…

    So I had decided on one more race after Pinehurst...The Turn and Burn Offroad Duathlon. This was a local race and would be a fun way to finish up the season. Well getting to the prerace drama, I was doing a very easy ride 2 days before the race and pulled a hamstring. I didn't think it was too bad a…Read More

  3. Lake Davidson…Let’s Go!

    Only 2 weeks after the YMCA Tri, I decided to take part in the Lake Davidson Tri. It is a great event and was looking forward to taking part in it. I arrived about an hour early to transition, got setup, went for a quick run, then in for a quick swim. Before the start I had noticed that this race wa…Read More

  4. Getting Better…

    It's that time again...LKN YMCA Sprint Triathlon. I like this event because of how local it is...nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I arrived at transition and setup. Then got my chip and was marked, then it was off for a quick warmup run. Afterward, down to the water for another quick warmup. S…Read More

  5. Eating enough…

    I wanted to add a quick note about nutrition while endurance training. As with all parts of your training everything should be periodized, from strength to endurance workouts and even nutrition. If you are implementing good strategies, none of these will be the same at any given time in your trainin…Read More

  6. Tennessee Piranha…

    It was time to get back to Xterra...with missing my home race at Whitewater but for good reason. I am now a USAT Certified Coach. Now I was ready to go for Panther Creek in Tennessee. As usual I headed up the day before for a pre-race brick this time with my friend Marcus. We arrived mid day Saturda…Read More

  7. Recovery…

    ...is the most important part of any training plan. And with most triathletes in season now and runners building for marathons, it is even more important because more racing or being in a build phase of training, there is more stress placed on the body. Therefore recovery becomes paramount in order …Read More

  8. For the Vegans…

    Came across this article talking about training/race nutrition for vegans. So whether your a vegan or trying to find ways to eat cleaner, here are some tips: http://www.active.com/nutrition/Articles/10K-Post-Race-Fuel-for-Vegan-and-Vegetarian-Athletes…Read More

  9. The Super Shake Guide

    With summer in full swing, summer fruits are available at your local farmers market along with fresh veggies. Oh and things are busy, driving your kid or kids all around town for pool parties, camps etc..A shake filled with the right ingredients can be a quick, easy, and high quality snack, dessert,…Read More

  10. Open Water Tips

    Came across this article for 50 open water swim tips...who can't use some more help in the open water. As most know, it is really very different from the pool. I would also suggest to get at least 1 open water swim per week and be sure to incorporate some tempo/speedwork. http://www.active.com/swimm…Read More