1. Healthy Hip Protocol – Part 3

    Strong, mobile, and stable hips are now possible with our hip protocol. The first two series build mobility and stability. The final sequence now uses an advanced stability exercises and strength exercises to complete the sequence. In the first series, we focused on the basic exercises to build mobi…Read More

  2. Healthy Hip Protocol Part 1

    The Hips are a powerful set of muscles. Make sure you can use them! Whether you are a general fitness fanatic, endurance based athlete, team sport athlete, crossfitter, or weight lifter, the hips are one of the key areas you need to have an adequate amount of mobility, flexibility, stability, and st…Read More

  3. Hurt shoulders? We have a solution for you..

    The shoulders are a fairly common area of aches and pain with our clients, along with the low back, hips and knees. As a result, we put together a shoulder protocol to help build strength and stability to ease shoulder discomfort. Most shoulder issues are usually a result of tight traps, pecs, and …Read More

  4. Deadlift Combo

    Exercise of the week: Deadlift Combo This weeks chosen exercise is a combination of two great exercises that rely on the most basic of all movement patterns, the hip hinge. The two exercises that make up the Deadlift Combo are the Deadlift and the Romanian Deadlift or RDL. For those of you who are c…Read More