1. Recipe of the Week!

    MAPLE PEANUT BUTTER VEGAN FRENCH TOAST Do you love French Toast but you are vegan? If you said yes to both then this is the perfect breakfast for you. Even if you aren't vegan and do like eggs, I recommend you try this simple and delicious recipe. I used Food For Life Ezekial cinnamon raisin bread w…Read More

  2. The Beauty of the Ride

    Yesterday was finally a good, no, a great day for a ride before work.  Weather was very low 50’s and getting warmer by the hour.  So I decided to dress for a ride and drop my stuff off at Precision Fitness and hop on my bike and go. When I got to Precision, I was immediately greeted by, “You l…Read More

  3. Exercise of the Week: Push-Up

    This week for our Exercise of the Week we are going to cover a long time favorite, and worst enemy, the push-up.   Who: Everyone can benefit from the push-up and is the starting point many upper body strength feats. Push-ups work great for people of any fitness level because they can be changed and…Read More

  4. Motivation Monday!

    The risk is well worth the reward.   It was an interesting Saturday to say the least, as I walked into the gymnasium for weigh-ins, my nerves were finally getting the best of me. As I waited for other competitors to weigh in ahead of me I couldn’t help but to eavesdrop on the conversations around…Read More

  5. Exercise of the week: Pull-Ups/ Chin-Ups and variations

    It's an exercise that needs minimal equipment (a bar), and your body and it is one of the best upper body movements anybody can do: without further ado, It's the Pull-up!! It's an exercise that should be in any training program, regardless of whether the goal is strength or physique oriented. There'…Read More

  6. Top 5 Reasons to Try Olympic Weightlifting

    What if I told you there's a way to get bigger, stronger, faster, more flexible, and more stable in one single movement, interested? Regardless of our individual training end goals hopefully at some point these components are a part of every athletes training regimen. So, in the interest of efficien…Read More

  7. Exercise of the Week: Box Jump

    This week's exercise is going to be an explosive lower body movement focusing on strength and power. Box jumps are a great way to increase explosiveness, power, and overall strength while recruiting every muscle fiber type as long as you challenge yourself. We are going to go over the basic box jump…Read More

  8. 5 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights

    Today I want to kick off a series called “5 Reasons to…” which is going to outline 5 reasons why you should or should not be doing something in your current training, nutrition, or lifestyle plan. That brings me to the topic of today’s post, 5 Reasons to Lift Heavy Weights. First let me defi…Read More

  9. Exercise of the week: Deadlift These are 4 variations of the Deadlift, ranging from beginner to advance. Here are 3 reasons why the deadlift is a great exercise. Trains the hip hinge. Which is fundamental movement pattern for any body. Teaches someone to move properly from hips and not spine.  From…Read More