1. Strength Training for Women

    Any woman who decides to start strength training can feel inspired at first, but also intimidated. It's important to remember that we all start somewhere, and the beginning jitters are very common. It's totally normal to feel a little apprehensive before trying any new hobby, but in the case of stre…Read More

  2. The Beauty of Essential Oils

    Each year the flu season seems to be getting worse and this year’s flu season is off to a roaring start with 140 total flu death so far this season according to NC Department of Health and Human Services.  If you get the flu vaccine for whatever reason, is there another way to keep yourself healt…Read More

  3. Warm Up Quickly

    I call this movement the yoga plex or the microwave because it gets you warmed up quickly, stretches various muscles, and works on mobility on a number of joints. It's a a few yoga movements packed into a flowing routine that gets you lose in limited time. Give it a shot before your workout!…Read More

  4. Recipe of the Week!

    MAPLE PEANUT BUTTER VEGAN FRENCH TOAST Do you love French Toast but you are vegan? If you said yes to both then this is the perfect breakfast for you. Even if you aren't vegan and do like eggs, I recommend you try this simple and delicious recipe. I used Food For Life Ezekial cinnamon raisin bread w…Read More