1. What are you training for: Health, Fitness, or Sport?

    Knowing the difference will determine how your fitness plan is created. We all know that improving our health is vitally important to living a longer, more fulfilling life.  With that being said, is your health and fitness program aligned with the goals you want out of that program? If your goals a…Read More

  2. Strength Training for Women

    Any woman who decides to start strength training can feel inspired at first, but also intimidated. It's important to remember that we all start somewhere, and the beginning jitters are very common. It's totally normal to feel a little apprehensive before trying any new hobby, but in the case of stre…Read More

  3. The 5 Benefits of Online Training

    Online Training has become a cost effective way for anyone who cannot afford to meet a trainer face to face to have one in their pocket, literally! All you need is a phone, Wi-Fi connection (yes, your local gym will most likely have Wi-Fi), and motivation.  We provide the rest. Here is a list of t…Read More

  4. Purity in Fish Oil Products

    Fish oil is one of the most researched supplements out there and one that the whole team @ Precision Recommend taking. Swing by your local CVS and look at the shelf and you will find many brands to choose from. How do you know if there any good? I have the formula for you that you can find out the p…Read More

  5. Warm Up Quickly

    I call this movement the yoga plex or the microwave because it gets you warmed up quickly, stretches various muscles, and works on mobility on a number of joints. It's a a few yoga movements packed into a flowing routine that gets you lose in limited time. Give it a shot before your workout!…Read More

  6. Top Reasons to do Power Training

    If you are a team sport athlete chances are your working on power development like jumps and power cleans.  If you are an age group performance athlete this is where things may start to get a little fuzzy in terms of power development in the gym. For the majority of people who want to simply lose f…Read More

  7. Top 5 Reasons: Sled Training

    This weeks top 5 reasons, is on sled training.  Many thanks go out to one of our own personal trainers RJ who purchased the sled for us to use at Precision Fitness.  As you learn below, anybody can perform sled training! 1.  Low learning curve- Exercises that have a low learning curve and create …Read More

  8. Check it out

    From time to time were going to share with you posts that you may have missed or if you just joined are blog recently post that are a good read for the time of year. 1. Jason, Matt, Josh- Traveled to Fort Mill South Carolina to Muscle Driver for an Olympic Weightlifting competition. They watched ama…Read More

  9. Top 5 Reasons to Add Fat to Your Diet!

    Top 5 Reasons to Add Fat to Your Diet!   Over the past few years many nutrition questions have been thrown in my direction regarding what macronutrients people should eat.  My clients come in to Precision with a wide range of goals, so the answer isn’t the same for all of them.  Most of my clie…Read More