1. Healthy Hip Protocol Part 1

    The Hips are a powerful set of muscles. Make sure you can use them! Whether you are a general fitness fanatic, endurance based athlete, team sport athlete, crossfitter, or weight lifter, the hips are one of the key areas you need to have an adequate amount of mobility, flexibility, stability, and st…Read More

  2. Hurt shoulders? We have a solution for you..

    The shoulders are a fairly common area of aches and pain with our clients, along with the low back, hips and knees. As a result, we put together a shoulder protocol to help build strength and stability to ease shoulder discomfort. Most shoulder issues are usually a result of tight traps, pecs, and …Read More

  3. The 5 Benefits of Online Training

    Online Training has become a cost effective way for anyone who cannot afford to meet a trainer face to face to have one in their pocket, literally! All you need is a phone, Wi-Fi connection (yes, your local gym will most likely have Wi-Fi), and motivation.  We provide the rest. Here is a list of t…Read More