Top 5 reasons why women should strength train!

I constantly hear women tell me they don’t lift weights because they fear getting too big and muscular. Let’s set the record straight ladies, unless you have some sort of genetic mutation or hormone levels that are through the roof, it’s not going to happen! Remember, strength training doesn’t make you big, cupcakes do.

1.      1. Build a better body- The majority of women these days are in the gym for a few simple reasons; lose fat, build muscle, and feel good. Resistance training is a very effective way to decrease body fat while increasing lean body mass.  Dr. John Berardi writes “Increased basal metabolism is probably the most obvious advantage of having more muscle. Actually, to be more exact, the more muscle you carry, the higher you’re resting energy expenditure (REE).”  In other words the lean body mass (muscle) you have, the more calories you burn at rest.  I highly suggest reading Dr. John Berardi’s full article. Click here:

2.     2.   Set and achieve goals- It’s similar to the feeling you get when crossing the finish line, or after reading the last page of a book. Whether it’s completing 5 pull ups, or dead lifting your body weight, strength training is a great way to set goals and keep you motivated week after week.

3.     3.   Increase self confidence- Too many women walk into the gym and hop on a piece of cardio equipment just to see the calorie counter hit a certain digit. Gaining knowledge and experience in strength training will give you the confidence to stare that stair master in the eye as you proudly walk by and pick up the barbell.

4.     4.   Stress relief- Once you load up a bar with 1x or 2x your body weight, you will stop worrying about the little things that cause stress in your life. Ditch the stress ball ladies and find the nearest weight room, complete that workout with 2x the intensity you had last week! Soon after you will forget the reason you were stressed out in the first place.

5.       5. Prevent disease- It is so important for women to participate in load bearing exercise to decrease the risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Strength training exercise can help maximize bone production and reduce the risk of fractures.

Also, if you’re not comfortable being in the free weight area of your local gym, many beneficial body weight movements can be done at home!

RJ Giammarinaro

UNCC Intern