This week’s exercise is going to be an explosive lower body movement focusing on strength and power. Box jumps are a great way to increase explosiveness, power, and overall strength while recruiting every muscle fiber type as long as you challenge yourself. We are going to go over the basic box jump and two progressions for you as they become easier. There will be videos of all three progressions throughout this post.

Box Jump

1) Start with low box that you can easily step up onto until you get comfortable with the movement. Begin by setting up between 6 and 12 inches away from the box with your feet set at hip width.

2) You will descend into about a fourth of a squat, just far enough down/back with your hips that you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings and glutes. While descending you should be swinging your arms behind you.

3) As soon as you reach that point, you will drive your hips up and forward as well as your arms are hard as you can extending through the hips.

4) Flex both hips (lift your feet up) and smash down through the box with your feet as you land, making sure to land in the same hip width stance you began with.


Seated Box Jump

1) The only difference in this progression is the seated start. Squat down onto a bench/step and lean back as if you were going to stay there.

2) In one quick message, lean forward and squat off the bench and continue up into your jump.


Single Leg Box Jump

1) Start with a single leg stance with your off leg bent back to 90 degrees.

2) In this variation you will have to make a smaller dip in your hips before exploding back up and landing on one leg on top of your box.


Matt Lane