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Online Training

Our expert trainers can customize a training plan to meet your needs and goals. Access your workout anytime, anywhere.  Track stats and follow with instructional videos right from your smartphone or pc.

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Its all about you

You'll begin with a comprehensive pre-training consultation and evaluation to determine training objectives and goals. A health history and lifestyle survey is obtained to assess general fitness and nutritional status. A comprehensive physical evaluation is then performed to assess posture, movement and gait efficiency, as well as core strength, muscle balance and flexibility and general nutrition. Data obtained in this evaluation helps identify areas of weakness and imbalance that may be limiting fitness and performance or increasing the chance of injury or disease. 

A complete integrative program is then designed and implemented specific to YOUR individual needs.

Small group sessions*

If one-on-one personal training doesn't quite fit your budget, we can still help. Our group training options offer expert Precision Fitness coaching and tremendous results at a fraction of the cost on 1 on 1 training. Unlike most bootcamps and group training programs we don’t simply run you through generic workouts.  Our uncompromising attention to detail and our low trainee to trainer ratio, allows us to give you the attention you need to get the results you want! 

Whether you're looking to jump start your fitness program,up your game, or are looking for a fun and effective compliment to your current exercise program, our group sessions are a great way to take your fitness to the next level...We Guarantee It!

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​* To be eligible to participate in small group sessions clients be current personal  training client or have completed a minimum of 6 one-on-one sessions. 

Individualized training

If you truly want to reach your fitness goals, Precision Fitness can  get you  there.  Our highly qualified staff of health and fitness experts will keep you motivated while they take you through workouts designed specifically for your unique body and your specific goals.  We can assist you in a wide range of fitness and performance goals, including:

​Weight Loss / Body Shaping
Post Rehabilitation / Corrective Exercise
Improved Strength and Cardio Fitness
Flexibility and Mobility
Increased Energy and Vitality

Make the commitment to be your best. We'll be your partner every step of the way. Contact us to get started today!