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...With my new workouts, and better attention to eating habits, I've moved from a size 40 waist to a size 33, I've lost 35 lbs. and kept it off, my cholesterol dropped 40 points and I'm seeing muscles I never knew I had - could certainly never have accomplished this without their leadership and expertise."

L. Watson Huntersville, NC

"When it comes to performance and injury prevention Precision Fitness is the best around! I first came in 5 years ago for help with a nagging foot injury. After a thorough evaluation we got to work.  Bill Scibetta and his staff got me back in top form in no time!  I’ve been coming to Precision regularly ever since! "

Scott Speed, 2015,2016 Redbull Global Rally Cross Champion and Former NASCAR and Formula 1 Driver

"I had lost all hope that I would ever be pain-free again, much less return to my athletic lifestyle, and I was willing to try anything. …my evaluation just made sense…. they took the time to explain how the body should function, as well as how I had been compensating due to all the imbalances I had developed from my years of training thoughtlessly…I am stronger than I have ever been, in a way that feels so good – no injuries or nagging pain anywhere…Whether you’re an athlete or not, your quality of life can be improved with less pain. I am proof....And it is not an exaggeration when I say thank you to Precision Fitness for giving my life back to me.”
 Peggy Reed

  "Bill is by far the best trainer that I have worked with in my 16 years in this sport, and his expertise in the field of corrective exercise and strength training has been a great asset to our athletes.  He and his Precision staff are currently working with many of our athletes and have gotten all of them past injuries and back in the sport-stronger than ever!"Leigh-Ann Mueller, 2 time 70.3 Ironman World Championship competitor, 3 time USAT All American and Honorable Mention and USAT certified  coach and owner at LGM. 

 "Bill, I can't thank you enough for being an exceptional trainer and friend.You have made a HUGE difference in my recovery, approach to training, elimination of weak links I could not see, and ultimately my racing for 2010. I consider you my 'secret weapon' Bill! Many thanks!”

Coach Lance Leo, MS , USAT Level II Coach, Kona Qualifier and 5 time USAT All American and USAT Certified Coach and Founder of CoachLance.com   

     Coming to Precision Fitness was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  I received a total body workout during each training session that added strength and stability to my golf game.  The distance that I gained helped me be more competitive in the college recruiting process.  I also had feedback from the trainers that showed me how to do the exercises correctly and avoid injury. Every workout was challenging and I could see myself getting stronger every week. Now that I am playing golf at ECU, I can really see how my time at Precision Fitness gave me an advantage in my transition to the collegiate level.

Katie Kirk NCAA golfer 

“Hi Bill – I wanted to let you know I have been training for a couple of months with Jessica and she is awesome!  She has already helped me so much and is so professional and the best part is that I know she really cares about me. I think she is a tremendous asset to your company! …I just purchased 50 more sessions of training … I really appreciate you helping me. I am excited about the massage as I heard Michele is great. You really have a great company!”
 D. Richardson Denver, NC

Scott Adams wins 24-hour snow-ski race By Leah Davis...You read that right- a 24-hour snow skiing race, as in he went and down the mountain at Snowshoe 173 times without stopping....What makes the story even better, though, is that Adams was able to do this only one year after back and neck pain hindered his ability to walk and would have made it virtually impossible for him ski for so many hours in a row. Back then, pain from a traffic accident long ago was a recurring problem. That changed one day, when on recommendation from his chiropractor, Adams sought the services of Precision Fitness, which offers conditioning and rehabilitation services in Cornelius and Mooresville. The professionals there helped Adams strengthen his core, which he believed allowed him to finish the ski marathon. "I really have to give the lions share of the credit to Precision Fitness," Adams said. "I know I would not be able to do it without them. I walked (or hobbled) in there about a year ago. I couldn't even work out in the gym anymore because of my back and neck injuries. Now a year later I was able to stay ahead of the 18-year-old kid who was chasing me in the race. That was a great feeling!"
- the preceding excerpts were taken from an article published in the April 16 2004 edition of the  Lake Norman Times

"As a Spine Surgeon, I know a patient's core is the key to the entire musculoskeletal system... The Precision Fitness training program has produced incredible results for my patients."

Mark B. Hartman, MD Total Spine Specialists

...With my new workouts, and better attention to eating habits, I've moved from a size 40 waist to a size 33, I've lost 35 lbs. and kept it off, my cholesterol dropped 40 points and I'm seeing muscles I never knew I had - could certainly never have accomplished this without their leadership and expertise."
L. Watson Huntersville, NC 

 "I want to thank you for the privilege of working with you and your team, Bill, and for the wonderfully "fit and healthy" lifestyle you have all provided me!If it isn't evident, I think you and your team are THE BEST!!"
C.Sterling Davidson, NC

“My unhealthy habits and lack of exercise had wrecked my body and I was self-conscious of my appearance. Bill and I talked about my goals and what it would take to actually produce the results I was seeking.The workouts specifically were designed to help me lose weight and improve core strength, balance and flexibility for a better game of tennis. This workout regime has taken me far beyond my expectations…Let's get to the good stuff.... I have lost 37 lbs. of fat while gaining 14 lbs. of lean muscle.J. Hathcock , Huntersville, NC 

​ I was introduced to Precision Fitness a few months after I had spine surgery.  My surgeon referred me to Precision Fitness rather than physical therapy because of the multidisciplinary approach that is used at their facilities.  I knew upon meeting Bill Scibetta that he had a profound understanding of the human body and its mechanics…Precision has become the place for me to rehabilitate my back, hip and leg.  Acute attention is paid during exercise to my body positioning and potential muscle fatigue in an effort to prevent injury…. In addition, my daily nutrition has been assessed and I have received advice about foods that would best support my healing and recovery.  I am extremely satisfied with the trainers at Precision and the progress that I've made. J. Curan Mooresville, NC 

"Thanks Bill for hiring such a professional staff at Precision Fitness.  …  If you are planning on doing an Ironman or just want to lose weight and clothing sizes, Precision Fitness would the be the place I highly recommend.  They offer the total package in fitness."

H. Elliot, Sherrills Ford, NC

"I am 60 year old avid golfer diagnosed with arthritis, underwent major back surgery (fused vertebrae), and felt my golfing days were over. Precision Fitness designed a flexibility, exercise, and strength program that has allowed me to return to the game I love and play even better than I did prior to the physical ailments. I am back to a single digit handicap and in the best shape I have been in years. They have sincerely helped me to a better life style." 

D. Fox Mooresville, NC 

"I’ve never been an athletic person and have not enjoyed exercising in the past.  But Dave has helped me to see the benefit of strengthening my body so I can perform better in everyday life tasks and play better too.  After four months of training with him, I can see vast improvement in my body strength and I am beginning to enjoy exercising because I can do things I never thought I could do."

E. GreenMooresville, NC

 “I came to Precision Fitness with the intent to correct a back problem that had been nagging me for 30+ years. The professionals at Precision Fitness did just that. My back problem has been 80% corrected, the nagging pain is significantly reduced and I have more “good back days” than “bad back days”. To me that says a lot about Precision Fitness because at 56 I am very active, still playing basketball 2-3 times per week with guys in their 20's, 30's and 40's.The staff at Precision Fitness fully understand the anatomy and physiology of the back and how one movement relates to another in making things work in concert, and how an imbalance in one area can cause pain and stiffness in an other. The program of developing strong core strength and balance tied into aggressive deep muscle massage is the building block of their efforts. Couple that with their attention to detail, making sure the correct form and function are used when doing exercises, makes the Precision Fitness program a step above other fitness programs. Precision Fitness is a place to go if one needs rehab.  It's a place to go if one wants to enhance athletic ability.  It's a place to go if one wants to make a difference in their life, and it's a place to go to keep you at your peak, even if your as old as me.”

R. Santini Huntersville, NC  

“I have been playing golf for 20 years to a 4 handicap. Last year at age 40, I suffered a severe back strain while practicing on the range. I have played the last six months with moderate pain, which forced me to swing at around 70% of my usual swing speed. Fed up with my handicap going up and playing in pain, a good friend and regular golf partner of mine referred me to Bill at Precision Fitness.After a one-hour detailed evaluation Bill and I went to work at getting me back in shape. After working out 3 days a week for 2 months, I am very impressed with Precision Fitness' attitude towards overall conditioning. We are not only hitting the weights but my program includes core conditioning, balance and flexibility training, nutritional guidance and soft tissue therapy.Precision Fitness' attention to detail, controlled movements and proper technique, has enabled me to not only see great results, but see great results quicker. I now have an acute awareness of my overall health and well-being.I look forward to working out since I know it is not only drastically helping my golf game, but also helping me to enjoy the game again. After only two months I can honestly say that I am hitting the ball as far as I ever have, and I am having more and more “pain free” rounds of golf. I'm confident I will be playing totally pain free in the very near future, not to mention reducing my handicap.” 
R. Parks Cornelius, NC Mooresville, NC

​ “I am an older person with a history of knee problems. After a thorough evaluation Bill has given me appropriate exercises that have safely improved my strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.  I have lost weight and feel very fit!….Bill is an excellent trainer who gives genuine professional attention to his clients needs.”

S. Buford Huntersville, NC“

I have been associated with Precision Fitness, for over three years.  I was so pleased with the information and results I saw through their programming that I encouraged my entire family, Wife Ann, Bo (11 years old) and Sarah (10 years old) to work with them as well.  My children are athletic, but not on a "scholarship track".  The training they receive from Precision Fitness day per week has made them more athletic, more active, and more confident.  They now ask about the "right food choices" ... not always making them, but at least asking about them!  The kids look forward to the personal attention and interaction.  It is helping their self-esteem significantly while they are learning about their bodies and how to make them work best for the long haul.  It is great time and resources spent in an area that is all too often overlooked.”
R. McIntosh Cornelius , NC

​My twin daughters are almost 11.  They started occasionally training at Precision Fitness when they were 8 so that they would be occupied while I worked out.  Three years later, they continue to train regularly at Precision.  They beg to work out now.  The benefits of their training at Precision Fitness have been immeasurable.  Their improved core strength and stability has helped them tremendously, particularly as they compete in NCYSA Classic Soccer.  The cross training has benefited them as swimmers and it has enabled them to have the confidence and the coordination to try new sports such as triathlons, cross country, basketball, and flag football.  Although we have a family history of weak joints and joint-related injuries, my children are both active in multiple sports and they have been injury free since they began training at Precision Fitness.  We owe this to the education and training provided by the qualified staff at Precision Fitness.  They have not only motivated and developed my daughters, but they have taught them the basics of injury prevention, the importance of fitness, and the benefits of hard work.  I would recommend their services to anyone. C. SheaforDavidson , NC  "These guys are the real deal! I've worked with personal trainers in the past but have never achieved the results I've gotten since coming to Precision Fitness. I have not only toned up, but I have gained strength, balance and flexibility and feel great."

B. Rollins Cornelius, NC 

 “I am older than I've ever been, but I feel better than I ever have! And I owe it all to Precision Fitness! ”M. Sherman Cornelius, NC  

"This summer I began working with Bill Scibetta using the “Play Better Longer” program. Within only a few weeks, I noticed significant improvement in my flexibility as well as strength. I was amazed at how much better I felt physically and how much my game improved. I began hitting the ball as far as I did in college and my handicap dropped from 7 to 3. In addition to my game improving, I have also been able to play without pain in my low back and shoulder. I plan to continue this program which I feel will help me play better golf, longer. By following this program, you too will be able to improve your flexibility, strength and balance which will improve your enjoyment of the game."

B. Dawn Moose, MD Medical Doctor and former NCAA Golfer  

"Like many golfers, after years of playing I began to feel the detrimental effects of the golf swing in my lower back. Upon the recommendation from my doctor, I sought the help of Bill Scibetta and the Play Better Longer Program. After seeing and feeling first hand the benefits of the Play Better Longer Program, I whole heartedly recommend this program. It is my job as a PGA teaching professional to correct swing flaws and put my students in position to make better ball contact. Many golfers have physical limitations such as lack of flexibility, poor posture, poor balance or coordination, inadequate physical strength or endurance that make it difficult to fully or permanently correct swing flaws. The Play Better Longer Program removes those physical limitations. By following this program you will find your instruction and practice time much more productive and playing time much more enjoyable. You will not only gain distance, control and consistency, you will just plain feel better."

Courtney Ford Head P.G.A. Teaching Professional 

"I was so impressed with the results that I achieved with the Play Better Longer program that I have encouraged all my golfers follow the program. There is no doubt that fitness and conditioning has become a big part of the competitive golf world. The Play Better Longer is an easy to follow program that has made a big difference in the way I feel and play and it has made a difference in the way my team feels and plays. Give the Play Better Longer Program a try and I'm sure it will make a difference in the way you feel and play."Doug Ehman Head Golf Coach, Belmont Abbey College  

"Being a Doctor of Chiropractic as well as a member of the 1988 U.S. Olympic Weight Lifting Team I know a bit about strength training as well as overall health and wellness. Not all workouts are created equal; the workout needs to address the specific goal and individual.  I am very impressed Precision Fitness’s very comprehensive and systematic approach.  That’s why all I whole hearted recommend Precision Fitness and their books to my patients."

​Curt White, D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic and Olympic Athlete